The Emotion Revolution is back!

The Emotion Revolution is back in Bergen, Norway April 23 - 25 in 2025!

The world’s first Emotion Revolution conference in 2018 was a great success. It focused on finding common ground for different emotionally orientering treatment models. The 2025 conference will tune in on the recurring challenges clinicians face when they work therapeutically with emotions.

They have invited world leading experts from a range of psychotherapeutic approaches to shed light on challenges like:

When to regulate and when to activate emotions? How to get pass the obstacle of not feeling? What to do when emotions from past memories present themselves in the present? Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of how these emotional impasses can be turned into healing and growth.

They are looking forward to welcoming clinicians from all around the globe.

Join the Emotion Revolution in Bergen, Norway April 23 - 25 in 2025!