General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) regulate the relationship between IEFT Switzerland and the participants of one of the training courses organized by IEFT Switzerland. Contracting parties are IEFT Switzerland, represented by Dr. phil. Marille Sutter and the natural person (hereinafter referred to as participant) who registers or allows himself to be registered.


Participants are all persons who have registered for a training course in due time via the online registration form. The GTC apply to all IEFT Switzerland training courses and to all contractual relationships between IEFT Switzerland and the participants.

The training courses can be defined as follows:

- Introductory courses are offers that usually last two days.

- Masterclasses/workshops are advanced courses that last two to three days.

- Basic training courses are continuous training courses over a predefined period of up to two years.


2. Registration

Course registration is done via online registration form. Registration must be completed by the deadline. Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. For events with free places, short-term registration is also possible. The registration is binding.


In the case of basic training courses, IEFT Switzerland will check whether the registration requirements have been met. The registration is binding on both sides as soon as the signed training contract has been returned and the registration fee has been transferred.


3. Course costs

The course fees and early bird discounts are published on the website. The course fees cover the costs of the courses. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


4. Early bird discounts

To be eligible for the early bird discount, the binding registration (see point 2) must be completed before the corresponding date of the early bird discount. The date of the postmark of the return of the contract is decisive.


5. Payment of the course fees

The invoice for the course fees will be sent after registration. The payment date stated therein is binding. Non-payment of the course fee is not considered a cancellation. After two reminders, a reminder fee of CHF 50 will be charged.


6. Cancellation conditions

Introductory courses / Masterclasses / Workshops: Cancellation of the binding registration by the participant is possible up to 90 days before the start of the course. In this case, only the administrative costs of CHF 50 will be charged. In case of cancellation less than 90 days prior to the start of the course, the full course fee will be charged. It is possible to provide a substitute person.


Basic training courses: Cancellation of the binding registration by the participant is possible up to 180 days (6 months) before the start of the training. In this case, only the administrative costs of CHF 50 will be charged. In case of cancellation less than 180 days before the beginning of the training, the first installment will be charged. It is possible to provide a substitute person.


Different cancellation conditions can be found on the website.


7. Realization of the lessons / forms of teaching

A course takes place in face-to-face teaching, unless it is explicitly advertised as a webinar.

If face-to-face teaching is not possible (e.g. due to official orders, illness of the instructor or similar), IEFT Switzerland reserves the right to hold the course as a webinar. The two forms of instruction (face-to-face instruction / webinar) are to be considered equivalent. If the situation requires it (e.g. due to time shifts), minor changes in times / dates must be accepted. No price adjustments can be made due to the minor adjustments in class times. If the change in the type of teaching is associated with a clear reduction in costs, IEFT Switzerland reserves the right to reduce the price.

External conditions and legal regulations are decisive for the way of teaching.


8. Webinar courses

Access to the webinar is only allowed for registered persons. For data protection and copyright reasons, it is strictly forbidden to record the webinar in any way.


9. Course interruption

Introductory Courses / Masterclasses / Workshops: For courses lasting several days, in case of absence due to illness, accident or pregnancy (documented by a doctor's certificate), there is a right to interruption and to rebooking to a later equivalent course, provided that this course is advertised again by IEFT Switzerland and free places are available.


Basic training courses: As a rule, missed course days cannot be made up. Refunds for missed course days are not possible. In compelling cases such as illness, accident, pregnancy or birth (documented by a doctor's certificate), individual equivalent course days can be made up in the next basic training course, if such a course is organized by IEFT Switzerland and free places are available.


10. Course organization / realization

Course places are allocated in the order in which registrations are received. The number of participants is limited. In case of an insufficient number of participants, IEFT Switzerland reserves the right to cancel the training. This also applies in case of extraordinary circumstances. In this case, any fees already paid will be refunded in full.


The admission requirements can be found in the respective course description on the website. In general, a training day comprises between 6 and 7 teaching units of 60 minutes each. The structuring of the day is the responsibility of the lecturers. The framework times are listed with the course description.


11. Course documents

Course materials will be handed out at the course or sent by e-mail. The reproduction rights of course materials remain with the lecturers. The legal principles for copying rights must be observed by the participants.


12. Confirmation of training and certification

After successful attendance of a continuing education course, you will receive a certificate of continuing education.

Basic training courses: For isEFT certification, the training contents specified in the contract must be fulfilled (theory lessons, supervisions, conclusion). At least 90% of the theory lessons must be attended for certification. As a rule, missed lessons cannot be made up (see point 9). 




13. Data Protection / Confidentiality

IEFT Switzerland attaches great importance to the protection of personal rights. These are laid down in the data protection regulations.

The participant agrees to maintain confidentiality towards third parties regarding all personal information concerning other participants or patients, even after the termination of the contract.


Participants are responsible for ensuring that the legal duties of care are observed when making video recordings of therapy sessions for supervision. In particular, they are obliged to store such recordings on encrypted data carriers, to inform the patients about the purpose of the recording and to obtain their written consent. The records are to be deleted after supervision. Sensitive data may only be transmitted via a secured e-mail address and data, may only be uploaded to the IEFT Switzerland server in encrypted form by the participants.


14. Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participants. For all trainings and events organized by IEFT Switzerland we exclude any liability for damages, theft and loss.


15. Program and price changes

Program and price changes as well as changes of the general terms and conditions are reserved.

Swiss Institute for Emotion-Focused Therapy,

Status 01.03.2023