Inner Relationship Focusing Level 2 with Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D.

Building on the Masterclass "Deepening Experiential Presence through Inner Relationship Focusing" (Level 1), the Swiss Institute for EFT in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute of EFT offers the opportunity to deepen Focusing through a mixture of self-awareness and theoretical input.


Level 2 consists of 4 three-hour input blocks between September 2024 and January 2025 and regular practice in tandems between the input blocks (at least 4 meetings between each input block).

The Swiss EFT Institute organizes the theoretical input blocks and helps to organize the tandems, the organization of the practice between the blocks is the responsibility of the participants. Interested participants who have completed their Level 1 of Inner Relationship Focusing at an institute other than the Swiss EFT institute are asked to contact Emma Smith (emma.schmied@ieft.ch) directly to arrange a tandem partner.

The theoretical inputs of the course are focused on being a nurturing facilitator of a focusing process, either another person's process or your own. We spend time being present, experiencing the qualities of presence as they emerge in a Focusing partnership, and learning how the partner can support the Focuser's presence. We also spend time with the "edge", with symbols and how the partner can help the focuser stay on the edge. Advanced listening techniques are taught, such as responding to the present feeling, responding to what is there (and not what is not there), and using the word "something" instead of an unknown. Facilitators will also receive a script for a "lead-in" and ask the focuser before the session begins if he/she would like to be led ("the fourth question").

Target Group

This course is aimed at people with or without previous experience of EFT who are interested in experiencing the method of Focusing through self-awareness and self-care as a first step, and learning how to use it with clients as a second step.

Prerequisite: Attendance of IRF Level 1


Skills you will acquire:

  • How to stay with an unclear "edge" without distancing yourself or analyzing what it means
  • How to go slowly and feel into the body
  • How to give a "lead-in" when the focuser needs it
  • How to notice when you are identified with an emotion or part
  • How to detach from parts and relate to them through self-presence
  • How to listen empathically and support the focusing process
  • How to allow what exists to be as it is


Ph. D. Agathi  Lakioti

Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist/ psychotherapist and the founder and clinical director of the Hellenic Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy (HiEFT) in Athens, Greece. She is a certified EFT therapist and supervisor, and a certified Focusing trainer and Focusing-Oriented Therapist by the International Focusing Institute. She studied psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and received her PhD in clinical psychology from Panteion University of Athens and her MSc in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Strathclyde. Agathi teaches Inner Relationship Focusing classes and counselling and psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, and research methodology courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has also been a trainer and supervisor in the Person-Centred approach for over 15 years. Agathi has been trained and certified in Inner Relationship Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. She is especially interested in integrating Emotion-Focused Therapy and Inner Relationship Focusing and she is currently participating in several projects for that purpose. One of them is a qualitative study investigating the use of Focusing by experienced EFT therapists. Agathi is also working on the development of an advanced curriculum for the integration of IRF in therapy.


Dr. phil. Emma Smith

Emma Schmied-Smith studied psychology at the University of Bern and received her doctorate under Prof. Klaus Grawe. After a postdoctoral year at King's College London, she completed integrative cognitive-behavioral therapy training at the University of Bern and has completed several advanced trainings in Emotion-Focused Therapy and Inner Relationship Focusing since 2009. She works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Bern and is a lecturer and supervisor in postgraduate psychotherapy continuing education at the University of Bern and at the Swiss Institute for Emotion-Focused Therapy. She isEFT certified international EFT trainer. Emma Schmied-Smith is also on the board of IEFT Switzerland.

Practical Information

Course Dates

16 September 2024
21 October 2024
18 November 2024
13 January 2025


17:30-20:30h CET






380 CHF




One credit corresponds to a 60-minute unit. Recognition is according to the guidelines of the respective professional society.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of the binding registration by the participant is possible up to 50 days before the start of the course. In this case, only the administrative costs (CHF 50.-) will be charged. In case of withdrawal of the registration less than 50 days before the beginning of the course, the full amount of the course will be charged.


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Inner Relationship Focusing Level 2 with Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D.


Registration deadline: 25.08.2024
The number of participants is limited. The course will only take place if there are enough registrations.