• Dr. phil. Emma Schmied-Smith
    Emma Schmied-Smith studied psychology at the University of Bern and received her doctorate under Prof. Klaus Grawe. After a postdoctoral year at King's College London, she completed integrative cognitive-behavioral therapy training at the University of Bern and has completed several advanced trainings in Emotion-Focused Therapy and Inner Relationship Focusing since 2009. She works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Bern and is a lecturer and supervisor in postgraduate psychotherapy continuing education at the University of Bern and at the Swiss Institute for Emotion-Focused Therapy. She isEFT certified international EFT trainer. Emma Schmied-Smith is also on the board of IEFT Switzerland.

  • Dr. phil. Yvonne Egenolf
    Yvonne Egenolf studied psychology at the University of Frankfurt and received her doctorate from the University of Bern. After an integrative cognitive-behavioral therapy training, she first completed the EFT basic training and then attended various advanced trainings in EFT as well as a one-year intensive training in Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy, SIA Berlin. She is a senior psychologist at the Psychotherapeutic Practice Center of the University of Bern and works as a certified Emotion-Focused Therapist and Supervisor in her own practice. She also complements the IEFT Switzerland team as an internal EFT trainer and is involved in its board of directors.

  • Dr. phil. Catalina  Woldarsky Meneses
    Catalina Woldarsky-Meneses received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Dr. Leslie Greenberg at York University in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in Emotion-Focused Therapy for individuals and couples. She isEFT-certified supervisor and trainer and has been an associate trainer of IEFT Switzerland since 2017. She is also involved in its board. She teaches counseling at Webster University in Geneva. Dr. Woldarsky Meneses believes in holistic healing and is a certified yoga teacher.

  • lic. phil. Kaspar Kellenberger
    Kaspar Kellenberger studied psychology at the University of Bern with Prof. Klaus Grawe. He then completed postgraduate therapy training at the University of Bern (MASPT Unibe) and since 2013 has completed various continuing education courses in Emotion-Focused Therapy and Inner Relationship Focusing. After working for several years at the Wyss Private Clinic (individual and group therapy, quality assurance), he works in his own practice in Bern. He has been a certified EFT therapist since 2015, is a founding member of the Swiss Society for EFT (EFT-CH) and has been involved as an associate supervisor at IEFT Switzerland and on its board since 2022.

  • Dr. phil.  Marielle Sutter
    Marielle Sutter is a federally recognized psychotherapist FSP and has co-directed IEFT Switzerland with Leslie Greenberg since 2014. She studied psychology and sociology at the University of Bern and received her PhD in 2006 under Prof. Klaus Grawe and Prof. Franz Caspar. Since 2008 she has been trained and supervised in EFT and EFT-C. With Leslie Greenberg she co-authored the book "Praxis der Emotionsfokussierten Therapie" in 2021 and has then translated it into French ("Pratiquer la thérapie centrée sur les émotions", 2004).
    Marielle Sutter is a trainer and supervisor in EFT and EFT-C at IEFT Switzerland as well as at various institutes and universities in the German and French speaking regions. In her group practice in Bern, she appreciates working in individuals and with couples. She is a founding member and president of the Swiss Society for EFT. Marielle Sutter is an isEFT-approved supervisor for EFT and EFT-C as well as an international trainer.