Movie Nights 2024 (free of charge): Monday 11.03.2024: Rhonda Goldman (2017). Applying Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy to Address Marital Conflict (APA, Session 1 of 2)

This year, as part of the IEFT, we are once again offering intriguing Movie Nights. They take place online on Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. We feature both published and unpublished EFT videos, as well as videos on Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT-C according to Greenberg & Goldman, and "Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy" according to Sue Johnson). Additionally, we showcase videos of other emotion-based therapeutic approaches (e.g. "Accelerated Experiential Psychodynamic Therapy" AEDP, "Affect Phobia Therapy" APT, "Intensive Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy" ISTDP, "Focusing"). Following the videos, we have time for discussion. The discussion can take place in English, German, or French, depending on the participants.

Target Group

Primarily, this offer is intended for graduates or current participants in the two-year basic training programs in EFT and EFT for Couples. All other interested individuals are also welcome to register and will be placed on the participant list if spots are available.


In this first session of two, Dr. Rhonda N. Goldman applies an emotion-focused therapy approach to marriage counseling for an African American married couple who present with relational conflict due to different communication styles and preferences. The central areas of conflict are finances, communication, and family issues. The couple shares that they have been married for about nine years and have a blended family--six children in total ranging from one- to eleven years old. After learning about the couple's family background, Goldman has the two individually and jointly share incidents that have occurred to provide examples of frustration, hurt, distrust, and miscommunication between the two. They also share ways that they have tried to learn to listen to their partner's concerns and needs. A majority of the session deals with the clients' ability to express and accept love for and from one another. Throughout the session, Goldman explicitly highlights the intentions, feelings, and underlying needs and wants and the subsequent impact that underlie the interactions between the wife and husband. At the end of session, Goldman summarizes her understanding and previews what work can be done in the next session.


Dr. phil.  Marielle Sutter

Marielle Sutter is a federally recognized psychotherapist FSP and has co-directed IEFT Switzerland with Leslie Greenberg since 2014. She studied psychology and sociology at the University of Bern and received her PhD in 2006 under Prof. Klaus Grawe and Prof. Franz Caspar. Since 2008 she has been trained and supervised in EFT and EFT-C. With Leslie Greenberg she co-authored the book "Praxis der Emotionsfokussierten Therapie" in 2021 and has then translated it into French ("Pratiquer la thérapie centrée sur les émotions", 2004).
Marielle Sutter is a trainer and supervisor in EFT and EFT-C at IEFT Switzerland as well as at various institutes and universities in the German and French speaking regions. In her group practice in Bern, she appreciates working in individuals and with couples. She is a founding member and president of the Swiss Society for EFT. Marielle Sutter is an isEFT-approved supervisor for EFT and EFT-C as well as an international trainer.

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18-19:30 CET (online)





Cancellation policy

We offer the Movie Nights free of charge. However, we kindly request a written cancellation via email (info@ieft.ch) in case of any hindrance.


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Movie Nights 2024 (free of charge): Monday 11.03.2024: Rhonda Goldman (2017). Applying Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy to Address Marital Conflict (APA, Session 1 of 2)


Registration deadline: 05.03.2024
The number of participants is limited. The course will only take place if there are enough registrations.